The Shetland pony

Initially the Shetland pony's are originating from the
Shetland islands which is about two hundred kilometres of the country Scotland.
The Shetland pony belongs to the smallest and strongest horse races.

The Shetland pony is a very soberly, and multi-purpose pony
which is for many aims to use. An example of this is among others
recreation, composed games, tightened driving, riding but also a real good first
child pony.

By their small but pleasant external and super character they are
frequently used as a first pony for children.

A nice example is a Shetlandpony, with on its back a child who has the
rains tightly in his hands but the Shetland pony does bring his head up.
The Shetland pony stands quiet and enjoys its grass. 
How much the child tries to get the head of
the pony up, the pony will continue quietly to eat its grass and
the child sits then grying on top of its back.
Laugh and dont become angry for this is really a typical Shetland thing.
It are sober and cool pony
and will not run away if he has something different in its mind.
Even if two small
children, in a pleasant manner, sit and play on its back with the necessary accecoires

Another beautiful Shetland example.
Expired on new year evening, all Shetland pony's and our KWPN mare stand in ther stable
for the hard sounds what fire work gives.
mare was running circles in her stable and became wet of
sweat, she was very restless and on this evening and in a real nerve tendon.
The Shetlanders were taking a nap and lie
quietly on the ground, no matter what kind of sound the firework makes.

There is a thing what one does not have to forget, a horse is and remains
an animal and will have to get used to children who hang in its tail and
sits on its back going back and forth  A good and animal pleasant
education with horses is very important! What one
also does not have forget is to learn children how to handle
with horses, pony's and other animals.
The official measure classification according to the Dutch
Shetland pony breed organisation

The mini measure .. till 86 cm.
The small measure of 87 till 92 cm.
The middle measure of 93 till 98 cm.
The large measure of 99 till 107 cm.

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