Cycle mare
-11 up to 12 days after the birth of the foal the mare becomes sexually receptive (in heat) toward a stallion again.
-The  mare is every 21/22 days sexually receptive 
- A horse is approximately 11 months pregnant
- sexually receptive is a period in which the mare has been interested in
body contact with a stud.
- The beginning of sexually receptive starts in April/May up to approximately
- It is possible to stimulate sexually receptive.
sexually receptive (in heat), how you can see that?
By the one mare you can see it clear and by the other mare you dont see a thing
Each horse is unique and not one horse is equal!

By walking with a stud on distance for the mare and
to let him sniff later you can see at the response of the mare if she is sexually receptive
or not.
If a mare is sexually receptive she can bend her back and late the stud sniff.
She can lift her tail, spread her legs, urinate and leans toward the stud.
When a foal geths weaned
- At approximately five/six months weaning
- keep foal and mare from each other visibility and sound, the sound and sight
can stimulate the milk production
- Pay attention to the health of the foal and mare.
- Give the foal supplementary feeding .
- Give a worming cure after the weaning to foal and mare
- A filly and colt start to become around the ten months fertile
- Give the foal at four weeks the firstworming cure
- Give after the weaning the faol (5 or 6 months) a vaccinate.
- Give a foal a hoof trim at two of three months (depending on the condition of the hoof)
-  You can start breeding with a mare at the age of 2
- Every foal (horse/pony) most have in the Netherlands for its 7th month of age a chip (is obliged)
Causes of a dead born foal
- Stress
- Virus, infectie
- Internal deviations at the uterus/ovaries
- Too heavy training
- Wrong feeding
- Give each 8 to 10 weeks a worming cure
- Give each six months a vaccination against influenza if the horse goes to
games, testings o.s.e
- each year a vaccination against influenza and tentanus if they stay
at home
- checks each week the hoof (kindest each day)
- brush regularly, under the hair can be a bony body.
- let a dentist for horses also come once a year.
-Give them clean wather.
-Give them  the space to move
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